About Wye Waste Paper

Who Are We!

Wye Waste Paper Ltd, located in Ledbury, Herefordshire, officially opened in 1998 by the company director Mike Dudley. Since then the company has expanded in many areas, even through to buying out their main rivals Hereford Waste Paper in 2001.

The two companies now work together providing their customers with good reliable service, quality equipment and extensive knowledge of the recycling industry. The combined companies have invested heavily to maintain good steady growth.


Bringing resources to life, supporting the growth of a circular economy that seeks to keep resources in use for as long as possible


Transforming domestic and commercial waste and recyclables into high quality raw materials and renewable energy resources


To continuously make big contributions to improving the UK’s resource efficiency.


Recycling is one of the best ways of reducing your waste disposal costs. The most cost-effective and efficient method is to segregate material waste streams at source. We can give practical advice on how to achieve the best results once we have observed your operation. Wye Waste Paper will carry out a full waste audit, free of charge and with no obligation to advise on the most practical and efficient methods of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and how to reduce your costs.

Selection of materials we are able to help recover and recycle

  • Cardboard & Paper Packaging
  • Printers Waste Paper
  • Secure Waste Shredding
  • Plastics / Polythene
  • Reusable & Broken Pallets
  • Waste Wood

For any specialist waste we are unable to recycle ourselves, we use the services of a reputable company, namely J & G Environmental, to ensure our high standards are maintained at all times.

Once the audit is complete and the different materials have been identified, we will advise on the options available to realize best value for these materials and show cost savings against total landfill charges and other methods of recycling.

We have spent many years developing close business relationships with end-users of recyclable materials and a full listing is available should you require it for ISO accreditation