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Please pass this information to your Health and Safety Manager.

• Please ensure that whilst WWP drivers are on your site, the work area is kept clear of pedestrians and obstacles. Personnel who are assigned to the area must stand well clear of any moving vehicles and be in full view of the driver at all times. WWP drivers must not assist in any duties other than those they are train to carry out.

• Plastic bins are normally supplied for the collection of paper. This service is used most often by the print industry. The bins provided can be stacked up to six high when empty and should be handled up to three high when full, depending on the safe working load of your forklift truck.

• Customers are advised to carry out risk assessments regarding the safe handling of wheelie bins provided for waste paper or packaging. A full bin of paper will weigh up to 250 Kg’s.

• Please ensure good access to skips at all times as we may carry out an exchange in the early hours.

• Customers must inform WWP immediately if any equipment provided is found to be damaged or unfit for use. Suitable replacements will be provided.

• Please ensure that bins are only used for the intended purpose, i.e. the storage of material for recycling. Please inform your staff that non-recyclables such as pallets, sharp objects food and general waste must not be placed in our recycling bins. Bins of non-recyclable materials will be charged at our current waste disposal rates.

• WWP drivers have been trained in the safe handling of bins. All driver hold a current fork truck license, we also have fork trucks mounted to the rear of some vehicles this is to enable us to load you waste with the minimum disturbance to your operation.

• For safety reasons, our drivers have been instructed not to operate forklifts in side customer’s premises, but with permission they are allowed to use your forklift outside to load themselves if required.

• WWP drivers have been instructed to obey customer’s site safety rules. Please inform the driver of any special instructions or call the WWP office on 01531 670663. Please provide any written instructions available.