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Please pass this information to the Health and Safety manager.

• Please ensure that whilst WWP drivers are on your site, the work area is kept clear of pedestrians and obstacles. Personnel who are assigned to the area must stand well clear of any moving vehicles and be in full view of the driver at all times. WWP drivers must not assist in any duties other than those they are train to carry out.

• Please DO NOT allow your staff to climb on top of any skips or bins, this is both dangerous and unnecessary. The ladders on the skip are for WWP drivers only.

• WWP drivers are not permitted to lower skips on to public highway, therefore adequate space should be provided to make the skip change over on site.

• Please ensure good access to skips at all times as we may carry out an exchange in the early hours.

• All extraction equipment feeding the compactor will be shut down during change over to prevent accidental damage or injury. When the exchange is complete and the replacement bin is locked in place the extraction equipment will be restarted.

• Customers must inform WWP Immediately if any equipment provided is found to be damaged or unfit for use. Suitable replacements will be provided.

• Please ensure that only the correct material is placed in the skips provided i.e. cardboard, paper, polythene for recycling. Please inform your staff that non recyclables such as pallets, or any other general waste must be segregated.

• Customers will be responsible for the tipping cost of skip contaminated with excessive general waste. Skips which are damaged or burnt out will be charged accordingly. Lost or stolen skips will be charge at replacement cost.

• WWP drivers have been instructed to obey customer’s site safety rules. Please inform the driver of any special instructions or call the WWP office on 01531 670663. Please provide any written instructions available.